Reigning champion... test your knowledge of the Queen in our special quiz

Queen Elizabeth II this week became the longest-reigning British monarch, passing Queen Victoria.
Queen Elizabeth II this week became the longest-reigning British monarch, passing Queen Victoria.
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The Queen became Britain’s longest serving monarch this week, but how much do you know about Her Majesty?

1)The Queen won the 1977 St Leger at Doncaster with which horse?

a Estimate

b Highclere

c Dunfermline

d Carlton House

2) Which of these world leaders were NOT in power when she ascended to the throne?

a Winston Churchill

b Joseph Stalin

c Harry Truman

d Charles de Gaulle

3) How many US presidents have there been during the Queen’s reign?

a 10

b 11

c 12

d 15

4) Which year did the Queen label as her “annus horribilis”?

a 1991

b 1992

c 1997

d 2001

5) Who is the Queen’s eldest grandchild?

a Peter Philips

b Zara Tindall

c Prince William

d Prince Harry

6) Which railway line did she re-open this week?

a North Yorkshire Moors Railway

b Morayshire Railway

c Saffon Walden Railway

d The Scottish Borders Railway

7) The Queen made her first Christmas broadcast on BBC radio in 1952. But in what year did she make her first televised speech?

a 1955

b 1957

c 1961

d 1964

8) During her reign, The Queen has made official overseas visits to how many different countries?

a 109

b 119

c 129

d 139

9) In Maori language, the Queen is known as ‘kotuku’ which means what in English?
 a The white heron

b The white owl

c The white queen

d The white rose

10) The imperial state crown that Queen Elizabeth wears at the state opening of Parliament is set with how many diamonds?

a 2,868

b 2,952

c 2,977

d 3,112

11) The world’s longest serving monarch reigned for an incredible 82 years before their death in 1982. But who was it?

a Johannes II - Liechtenstein

b Paku Alam VIII - Pakualaman (Indonesia)

c Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama X - Thailand

d King Sobhuza II of Swaziland

12) Which language can the Queen speak fluently, meaning an interpreter is not required during Royal visits?

a German

b Greek

c French

d Mandarin


1) c- Dunfermline. 2) d- Charles de Gaulle. 3) c- 12. 4) b- 1992. 5) a- Peter Philips. 6) d- The Scottish Borders Railway. 7) b- 1957. 8) c- 129. 9) a- The white heron. 10) a- 2,868. 11) d- King Sobhuza II of Swaziland