The Yorkshire Post says: Sad reality of need for Government’s energy drinks ban

Children may soon be banned from buying energy drinks.
Children may soon be banned from buying energy drinks.
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It is a sad indictment of modern society that Government plans to ban energy drinks for children in England have been deemed necessary, but the move is likely to prove beneficial to the nation’s future health.

Youngsters in the UK reportedly consume more of the high-caffeine, sugar-loaded drinks than other children in Europe, with excessive consumption linked to a host of health and behaviour problems, from headaches to hyperactivity.

Common sense suggests responsibility for tackling this problem begins at home, with parents ensuring their children do not drink such products. However, that can be easier said than done when older children are out with their friends or on their way to or from school. There is equally an important question around how widespread public knowledge actually is about the potentially-negative impact of these drinks on young people.

While there may be legitimate concerns about the creeping influence of the ‘nanny state’ dictating what people eat and drink, it is also worth considering recent Government interventions that have made a genuine and positive difference. These most notably include the plummeting use of single-use plastic carrier bags through the introduction of a 5p charge, as well as the implementation of a sugar tax in April that has led many drinks brands to focus on low-sugar recipes.

But with the Government’s plans now out to a 12-week consultation and some way off becoming law, families should spare no time in taking their own steps to reduce their children’s consumption.