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Sasha Jackson pictured at Harlow Carr Gardens, but what year did it open?
Sasha Jackson pictured at Harlow Carr Gardens, but what year did it open?
  • Think you know God’s Own Country inside out? Test your knowledge by tackling 40 questions in our Yorkshire Day anniversary quiz. Compiled by Denis Angood.
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Another year and it has passed so quickly and we have had all things Yorkshire in the news over the months. May brought the Tour de Yorkshire, three days of intense cycling over the roads of the Broad Acres. A different route next year no doubt taking in some of those places that have missed out. The format of the quiz is much the same but newsworthy articles have laid claim to a section of their own, particularly over the last 12 months.


Nicola Adams was Britain's first female boxing Golde medallist, but what year was she born?

Nicola Adams was Britain's first female boxing Golde medallist, but what year was she born?

1. The proposed removal of what service, housed in Leeds City Station, caused a previous MP of West Leeds to try mount a campaign to have it remain where it was?

2. For how many days did the Football League ban Massimo Cellino from conducting affairs at Leeds United?

3. The mining of what substance has caused protest in the North Yorks Moors?

4. On what day this year were the remains of Richard III finally laid to rest in Leicester Cathedral after the fight to return him to York failed?

Crowds viewing the coffin holding the remains of Richard III inside Leicester Cathedral

Crowds viewing the coffin holding the remains of Richard III inside Leicester Cathedral

5. How much is the Leeds-Bradford cycle route, which is due for completion supposedly later this year, costing?

6. Where have works by artists Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Cornelia Parker and Alison Wilding been displayed this year?

7. How many teams made up the 144 riders that competed in the Tour de Yorkshire?

8. Which organisation donated £1.5m to allow the research into cancer of Prof Philip Quirke and his team to continue?

9. The 30th anniversary of what tragedy was marked by a service in Bradford in May?

10. Who was this year’s winner of the Yorkshire Pub of the Year competition?


1. Who was the Leeds United player that celebrated promotion by driving round Leeds with colleagues David Batty and Gary Speed “hanging out of the car windows and sunroof with the fans going crazy”?

2. Who was the Yorkshire cricketer who was buried at Bolton Abbey in March?

3. Who is the engineer who built bridges, canals and lighthouses and is buried at Whitkirk Parish Church?

4. Who was born in Headingley in 1835 and appointed Poet Laureate in 1896?

5. Who left Leeds Rhinos for another team but only played one game before leaving for another Super League club?

6. In 1699 who was the engineer engaged to oversee the construction of the Aire and Calder Navigation?

7. He recently played Hercules in the BBC’s fantasy drama Atlantis, but who is the York actor who was Bafta nominated for The Full Monty?

8. The West Yorkshire Playhouse recently unveiled its new season, but which Italian actress will be gracing the stage in The Glass Menagerie this autumn?

9. He started off as an ironmonger from Leeds, but thanks to his 1899 patent of the Little Nipper mousetrap we all have a lot to thank this man for, but who is he?

10. These two Yorkshire brothers have taken triathlons to a whole new level, but what are their names?

In what year?

1. In what year was the Leeds Children’s Hospital created?

2. In what year did the first steam engine run on Middleton Railway?

3. In what year was the first escalator installed in Lewis’s, the first in the north of England?

4. In what year was Britain’s first female boxing gold medallist, Nicola Adams, born?

5. In what year did the Harlow Carr gardens in Harrogate open?

6. In what year was the 100th Great Yorkshire Show commemorated with a visit by the Queen?

7. In what year was the first abbey at Whitby founded? Was it 652, 655, 657 or 659?

8. In what year did Tropical World at Roundhay Park first open?

9. In what year did a group of concerned local people start what became the North Yorks Moors Railway?

10. In what year was the Yorkshire Dales National Park created?

Place names

Guess the Yorkshire place name by solving these cryptic clues.

1. Slaughter the bad actor.

2. Is this crossing only open for just one season every year?

3. Did Austin produce their sports car here?

4. Where everyone UP on the moors wants to be when the weather turns nasty?

5. Is this the place where the Duke of Cambridge does not feel well?

6. Sounds like a small rock found in a small stream.

7. Did Davidson meet his partner here to go motoring on two wheels?

8. What got confused near Pateley Bridge?

9. Sounds as though there is a legal side to the sound of bagpipes.

10. Does a novice golfer start his game this way?


The unmistakable Y factor: 40 reasons Yorkshire is so special


News: 1. The Tourism Information Office. 2. 79 days. 3. Potash. 4. March 26. 5. £29m. 6. Yorkshire Sculpture Park. 7. 18. 8. Yorkshire Cancer Research for his work on bowel cancer. 9. The Bradford City Fire which killed 56 people. 10. Fleece Countryside Inn, Barkisland

Who?: 1. Vinnie Jones. 2. Bob Appleyard. 3. John Smeaton. 4. Alfred Austin. 5. Ryan Bailey. 6. John Hadley. 7. Mark Addy. 8. Greta Scacchi. 9. James Henry Atkinson. 10. Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee.

In What Year?: 1. 2010. 2. 1812. 3. 1932. 4. 1982. 5. 1950. 6. 1957. 7. 657, It was founded by King Oswy of Northumbria who appointed Lady Hilda as the abbess. 8. 1984. 9. 1967. 10. 1954.

Place names: 1. Killham. 2. Summerbridge. 3. Healey. 4. Downholme. 5. Willsill. 6. Rylstone. 7. Harley. 8. Wath. 9. Skirlaugh. (Skirl law). 10. Hackforth.