YP Letters: Speaking up for blessings of online shopping

Do you prefer online shopping to the High Street?
Do you prefer online shopping to the High Street?
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From: Dr Sheila Hopkinson, Gorman Close, Chesterfield.

THERE is much talk about saving our high streets and how online shopping is having an effect on them.

As someone in their late 80s with limited mobility, I would like to say a few words in favour of online shopping.

Without it, I would not have such a choice of items. For example, if I am looking for clothing, I can compare items in stores as wide apart as Jaeger, John Lewis and Matalan.

There is no way I could find my way round so many stores. With a town centre largely pedestrianised and cobbled, to park my car and make my way to shops is a painful and hazardous journey.

Another aspect of online shopping which I don’t think has been mentioned is the fact that many retailers, including the supermarket who I buy the bulk of my groceries from, make a donation to my favourite charity with all my purchases, at no extra cost to me.

I just have to click on to the easy fundraising website to start shopping. Old age, the internet and online shopping really do go together. I still shop locally, I have a milkman and real milk in glass bottles left on my doorstep and a fishmonger who calls at the house. But, please, do not knock online shopping – there are those of us to whom it is a blessing.