Another own goal

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ONLY four months to go until the European Championships, two years of meticulous preparations are bearing fruit and another England manager is resigning, yet again for non-footballing reasons.

So lengthy is the Football Association’s record of mismanagement that no- one should be surprised at this latest debacle. It is, of course, true that much of the blame must lie with Fabio Capello, the manager who showed flagrant contempt for FA authority by publicly criticising the decision to remove the captaincy from John Terry.

However, there remains the suspicion that, had all sides shown common sense and talked the matter through thoroughly beforehand, this latest embarrassment could have been avoided.

Now the FA begins its customary endless machinations, protesting that the media attention, public expectation and pressures of the job are so great that few human beings are capable of taking it on.

Yet the answer to this conundrum is simple – get England winning matches, provide effective man-management and, with English football noteworthy for all the right reasons once again, watch the finger-pointing disappear.

There is no shortage of organisations that have adopted this simple formula of earning success through good management. Why is the England football team always the exception?