Another three golden weddings

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From: Guy Stephenson, Station Road, Shiptonthorpe, York.

WITH reference to your report of three brothers achieving golden weddings (Yorkshire Post, October 17), I am the oldest of three brothers and we have all had our golden weddings, the last one being this year.

We are all still fit and well, apart from a few new hips and eye jobs and are all still active in farming.

The couples are Mr and Mrs G Stephenson, Mr and Mrs A Stephenson and Mr and Mrs C Stephenson.

From: Mrs Eileen Frankish, Stainforth Road, Barnby Dun, Doncaster.

I READ about the three brothers who have all celebrated their golden wedding anniversaries.

We think we can beat that. My husband is the youngest of three brothers and we all got married in the same year – 1956 – so this year we have all celebrated our 55th wedding anniversaries. The brothers’ ages are 89, 85 and 83. Not a bad record. Can anyone beat that?

Homes shortage

From: Lorraine Willis, Danescroft, Selby.

MUCH has been reported recently about the acute lack of affordable housing, especially for people trying to buy their first home. In Selby over the past few years, the majority of affordable housing has been bought up by rental agencies – this I am convinced is a major contributing factor to the lack of affordable housing which is now available.

I’m sure Selby isn’t an isolated case, it is rental companies making large profits at the expense of first-time buyers who are causing the problem.

A decent man

From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

I AGREE with JW Smith’s defence of Captain Mainwaring and his men (Yorkshire Post, October 19).

If I had wanted to belittle Ed Miliband, as did Mark Stuart in a recent article, I would not have likened him to the leader of the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard. Beneath the absurd pomposity, Arthur Lowe’s Mainwaring was a decent and courageous man.