Another wind turbine set for Calder Valley

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PLANS to erect a wind turbine in Hebden Bridge look set to get the go-ahead at a planning meeting on Tuesday.

Douglas Middleton has applied to construct a turbine on hillside between Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd despite several objections. Calderdale’s Planning Committee will decide the issue next week.

Mr Middleton wants to site it to the north of Fallingroyd House in the centre of a square field 30m from a public footpath.

But objectors fear: “the turbine would constitute an ugly, large industrial structure harmful to the visual character of the area and would lead to noise pollution, damage to wildlife and along with other wind turbines in the area “ruin the landscape”.

A report by Calderdale’s head of planning, Geoff Willerton, says: “The ground coverage of the turbine and mast would be modest, but it would be a clearly visible structure in the Green Belt which would lead to a degree of ‘urbanisation’ in open countryside.

“This represents a loss of openness.”

But he says the turbine would be “well-screened from many views” by a thick belt of woodland next the A646.

As for any impact on any heritage assets the nearest buildings are Grade 2 buildings at Mayroyd Hall and Cottage and the group of Grade 2* buildings at Great Burlees Farm which are too far away to harm the buildings.

Overall, Mr Willerton says there would be positive environmental effects of the turbine.

It would “result in an average saving of 12.88 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year and will help to contribute towards the national targets for renewable energy generation.

“Some weight should be apportioned to such benefits and it is considered that these are sufficient to represent very special circumstances that would justify the proposal, given the limited extent of harm arising. As such there are considered to be material considerations that justify the granting of planning permission.”