Anti-Semitism is an 'extremely serious' issue for Labour, says Jewish Yorkshire MP and Jeremy Corbyn ally

A Jewish Labour MP and ally of Jeremy Corbyn has said anti-Semitism is an 'extremely serious' problem for the party.

General Election 2017. Labour's Fabian Hamilton regains the Leeds North East constituency at Leeds Town Hall. 8th June 2017. Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe

Fabian Hamilton, who represents Leeds North East, said the city’s Jewish community have raised “deep worries” about anti-Semitism in Labour with him.

Mr Hamilton, who is shadow Peace Minister and an ally of the Labour leader, broke his silence following weeks of recriminations over how anti-Semitism has been tackled within the party.

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In a series of tweets yesterday, the MP said: “Anti-Semitism is an extremely serious issue for both the Labour Party and for the whole of society. Being very proud of my own Jewish heritage, I am concerned that members of the Leeds Jewish community have raised their deep worries about anti-Semitism with me.

“Like all my parliamentary colleagues, I believe that the Labour Party must work with Jewish leaders and communities immediately, in order to root out the causes of anti-Semitism and stamp to it out, whenever it rears its ugly head.

“I welcome Jeremy Corbyn’s offer to meet with the Board of Deputies and other Jewish organisations and I will continue to work with my constituents in Leeds North East to to combat anti-Semitism wherever it manifests itself.”

Mr Corbyn has pledged to “drive out” anti-Semitism.