Appeal after four cats dumped on Leeds vet's doorstep

One of the dumped cats
One of the dumped cats
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A Leeds vet has issued an urgent appeal to rehome four cats after they were dumped on its doorstep.

Tower Wood Vets, in Tinshill Road, found four cats dumped on its doorstep before it opened - but doesn't have space to keep them at its kennels.

One of the dumped cats

One of the dumped cats

A spokesman for the vets said: "We have some sad news and we need some help.

"Yesterday morning a lady dumped four adult cats on our doorstep before we opened and they are now in our care in our cat kennels.

"We aren’t set up with spacious cat kennels for boarding so we need to rehome these cats urgently, or enlist some help from any local cat charities who may have some space and time to dedicate to finding them homes.

"Animal welfare is our top priority as a practice, and we cannot condone what this person has done to these poor cats by leaving them with us as we are not set up to board cats for any length of time – our cattery kennels need to stay free for our inpatients who may be suffering with illness or ailments that we are treating.

"So if anyone can help or you are looking for a new feline to light up your life, or any foster carers can help us at this time, please get in touch with the clinic on 0113 267 8419. They all seem in good health at this time."