Appeals fail over killing of vice girl

AN appeal by two men accused of murdering Hull prostitute Natalie Clubb and disposing of her body has been dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

Darren Adams and Michael Larvin appealed on four counts against their convictions – mainly on technicalities in relation to witnesses.

But Lord Chief Justice Rose, deputy president of the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal, found that Adams’s and Larvin’s appeals could not be upheld and that the police’s investigation had been conducted with integrity throughout.

There will be no further right of appeal at this stage.

Yesterday Det Supt Paul Davison, who led the investigation, said he was “over the moon” with the result.

He added: “Adams’s and Larvin’s legal team attacked the integrity not only of the investigation but of the officers, particularly those who dealt with a key witness, Neil Pattison.

“They tried to insinuate there was a conspiracy between ourselves and Pattison, claiming he was a professional police witness, but Lord Chief Justice Rose has found the operation was conducted with the highest integrity.

“It’s satisfying professionally to me to have it confirmed that it was a good investigation and a clean conviction.’’

Miss Clubb, a 25-year-old mother of three, was reported missing by Adams in May 1998.

In July that year a man walking his dog found an arm among debris removed from the Holderness Drain on Hull’s Bransholme estate.

Later other body parts were found in plastic bags. Miss Clubb’s body had been sawn up, probably with a hacksaw.

Adams, 37, was jailed for life for murder at Sheffield Crown Court last year, with a 20-year tariff being placed on the sentence.

Larvin, 35, of Tattershall Close, Hull, was jailed for six years after he was found guilty of intending to impede the prosecution by assisting in the disposal of parts of Miss Clubb’s body.

When the jury gave its verdicts Adams began shouting, first towards police and then towards the jury.

He shouted: “You’re all corrupt. You’re as bent as them.”