Approval for hundreds of new homes on fields in Maltby with unanimous council decision

Plans which will result in up to 400 new homes going up on green field land at Maltby have been approved by councillors in Rotherham, who ruled that concerns over impact on traffic and nearby Listed buildings were not enough to stop the development.

Rotherham Town Hall
Rotherham Town Hall

Approval has been granted for Jones Homes to build 100 homes on the site, with ‘outline’ approval given for another three phases of the development.

Details for those will be decided later, but it will mean up to 400 homes in total on the site.

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The land had been Green Belt until it was included for housing in Rotherham’s Local Plan, a blueprint for future developments across the borough.

However there were 42 letters of objection to the plan, with four parish councils raising concerns and Doncaster Council questioning the impact on traffic across the border in the village of Braithwell.

Councillors were told a junction in that village could not be improved without knocking down some houses and although it was acknowledged the development would add to traffic, councillors were told it was projected that queues on Ashwell Lane would increase under any circumstances and the impact of the new estate would not be “severe”.

Although there are Listed buildings in the area, it is deemed the impact on their setting would also be acceptable, when considering the benefits new housing would bring.

Overall the development will provide 25 per cent of the new homes built for ‘affordable homes’, though in the first phase only five per cent will be given over for that use.

Councillors were assured that as later phases were developed, the figures would be made to balance through legal agreements.

The developers will also be responsible for a range of other contributions, to cover the impact of an increased community on education and the road system, as well as providing cash towards providing improved sustainable transport.

Planning board members agreed unanimously with the application.