April 11: Commercial pressure damaging county cricket

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From: Elisabeth Baker, Leeds.

I AGREE wholeheartedly with Harry Mead’s excellent article (The Yorkshire Post, April 3) in which he suggests that County Cricket is losing its way with the current razzmatazz surrounding one-day and T20 matches as opposed to the “antidote to stress” which is the County Championship match. I am fortunate enough to live just a couple of miles from Headingley, and many is the time when I 
have called in to the ground to watch an hour or so’s cricket to help me to unwind after a day’s work.

Not for me the noise and clamour and players’ pyjamas of the T20s. I enjoyed the one-day matches before the days of their seeming-superiority to 
the County Championship, although I must admit that they can be exciting (no stress-buster there!).

And don’t get me started on central contracts. Patriot as I am, if it’s a choice between Yorkshire doing well or our best players being withdrawn so as to be in the England squad, I’d much prefer our county team to be the winner.

In the past one of the options in buying a YCCC membership excluded the T20 games. This year there is no such choice and one is forced to pay more to include games which one has no intention of attending.

Commerce rules.