April 11: Sleepless in Garforth

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From: Neil Tomlinson, Selby Road, Garforth.

CAN anybody tell me why there is a convoy of noisy trucks in the early hours on Selby Road at Garforth? Where are they from and to? Can’t they use the A1(M)? It’s bad enough having to contend with the motorbikes to and from a bikers’ cafe, never mind the HGVs.

From: June Wolfe, Lightcliffe, Halifax.

HOW strange that Mr Humphrey’s letter (The Yorkshire Post, April 4) should be about weather forecasting, as I had been thinking the same thing. An interesting programme would be “A Day in the Life of a Weather Forecaster” – we would then know what they do, apart from warn us that there’s a cold front approaching.