April 24: Don’t forget the point of nuclear deterrence

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From: David Griffith, West Green Drive, Pocklington, York.

DR Glyn Powell does his best to promote his left wing agenda through your letters page. However he completely misses the point of a nuclear deterrent as so eloquently pointed out by Ron Farley (The Yorkshire Post, April 21).

The very same lack of understanding was seen in the live debate on TV when the Welsh Nationalist leader challenged Ed Miliband to say if he’d push the button. Unfortunately Ed had no chance to explain the meaning of the word deterrent in the heat of that debate.

Having our submarine at sea at all times makes me for one sleep easier in these uncertain times and hopefully many others.

From: Coun Frank R McManus, Longfield Road, Todmorden.

IN HIS Saturday essay Mark Stuart (The Yorkshire Post, April 18) says that if Trident renewal came to a vote in the Commons, well over 500 MPs, principally Conservative and Labour, would support replacement. That’s a big “if”. Would Mr Miliband risk being put out of No 10 by the loss of SNP support? With CND and the Army generals led by Lord Dannatt agreeing on the seriousness of the matter, we should all demand a free Commons vote.