April 25: Time for art of Hockney name-dropping

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From: Colin Challen, St Sepulchre Street, Scarborough

I SINCERELY hope that the appellation ‘Hockney Country’ is dropped forthwith in favour of a return to the Yorkshire Wolds. It may be the case that Mr Hockney has given this neck of the woods some attention of late but how long will it be before we have to start referring to the Wolds as ‘de Hockney Country’ or some other such absurdity?

From: G J C Reid, Mayfield Road, Whitby.

SHOULD we now perhaps be resurrecting the long defunct verse of the National Anthem that contains the lines “May he sedition hush and like a torrent rush, Rebellious Scots to crush, God save the King”? It seems relevant to current affairs.