April 27: Battle over NHS too important for politicians

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From: Kerry Bagshaw, Newbiggin, Leyburn.

IT is clear the NHS cannot be allowed to remain as a political football.

A statesmanlike move would be for one or other of the main parties to commit to multi-party discussions post-election, in order to arrive at bi-partisan policies to address the many contentious issues aired in the course of the pre-election positioning.

This would address all aspects of NHS and social care, and the increasingly pressing needs identified under these two headings. These discussions, or at least the outcomes together with any draft policy document, should be opened to public scrutiny and debate.

From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

THERE is no point in political parties promising to throw millions at the NHS. Extra money will line the pockets of already well paid administrators.

This, in turn, will be an excuse for manufacturers of medicines and equipment to up their prices. Any extra funding should only be for training new doctors and nurses. There is also a case for employing the best people capable of negotiating a fair price for products used. In many cases these prices are exorbitant and a massive drain on recourses.