April 27: Tyke talk dead? Oh no it isn’t...

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From: Geoff Dry, Oakleigh, Cawthorne, Barnsley.

DESPITE ME Wright’s concerns that Barnsley might be losing some of its Yorkshireness, I’m pleased to report that in Barnsley it is alive and well. In a visit to a pantomime, a teacher told me that one of her seven-year-olds, in response to Aladdin’s query as to what he should do with the stick he was brandishing near Abenazer’s face, suggested that he should “it ’im o’er ’eead wi’ it!”

From: Mr J.G. Waddington, Toller Lane, Bradford.

PLEASE advise your reporters that Ronnie O’Sullivan could not have played snooker with no shoes. This is not English. He could have played without shoes or in his socks, but not as stated.