April 3: Don’t expect our help when it gets too hot in the kitchen

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From: Paul Emsley, Newton Way, Hellifield, Near Settle, North Yorkshire.

GIVEN that politicians are telling the British Public that young adults can start a family at the age of 16 and that they can make political decisions and vote at the same age (Messrs Clegg and Salmond), why are we spending all this time and money looking for these young ‘adults’ who have gone off to live/work/breed/fight in Syria and the Middle East? What if they tried to go to Israel?

If we had effective border controls and immigration checks in this country, these people would have been monitored at their place of exit and their passports endorsed that they were mature enough to travel on their own to their destination of choice and would be refused entry to the UK, if they tried to return.

Does it need to be any more complex than that?

I would support anybody who wants to be a ‘free spirit’, to follow their desire and to take responsibility for their actions. This country has always had people who want to go abroad and fight for a cause, I think that we call them mercenaries, but don’t expect to be allowed to return.

Which other country would allow this?

We all make choices about what we want to do in life, but don’t expect the rest of the people in this country to help you out when the kitchen gets too hot, or when you want to pop home for a bath and change of clothes!

We should be more concerned for our own national security, than rushing around the world, looking for a couple of 
delinquent teenagers who 
should be made to lie in the bed that they have made for themselves.

From: John Watson, Hutton Hill, Leyburn.

WELL done Theresa May.

It is time someone in authority pronounced what most people in the country are thinking about having terrorists in our midst, especially those whose thoughts are purely hostile. Why do young Muslims come here to start a new life and after a few years yearn to be back in their native country to join a fanatical religious sect whose respect for other people’s lives does not exist?

The “jihadists” want the whole world controlled by Islam and the aim is to completely overtake the Western world and its beliefs, because we are all classed as “infidels”.

It is difficult to imagine the mayhem and bloodshed that would cause.