April 3: Failing to do justice to Yorkshire king’s burial

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From: MJ Dickinson, Waters Walk, Bradford.

THE article on the burial of King Richard III (The Yorkshire Post, March 27) was a disgrace, full of inaccuracies and omissions.

It cannot be stressed enough, though people still ignore the fact in your paper, that Richard was given Middleham and estates in the North when he was a teenager, and as a teenager it was his permanent married home.

Childhood, yes, but adult home too. The Plantagenet Alliance did not go to Court to get Richard buried in York. They found that the archaeology department of a university could decide where a Head of State could be buried, and realising the significance of this unique event asked the courts to rule in favour of consultation. Yet it is mentioned twice. Leicester chose Leicester, not the courts.

The heart-warming, uplifting, glorious and at times tearful service in York Guildhall on March 26 to celebrate Richard’s life is not mentioned, nor is the Solemn Requiem Mass at St Wilfrid’s where they knew how a Royal coffin should look. You say people came from Derby, well actually they came to York from Australia, America, Spain, Uruguay and other places further than Kidderminster.

A very sad report of what had been a memorable day both joyful and painful.