Archbishop proclaims a day of ‘thanksgiving and much rejoicing’ for Queen

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The Archbishop of York, the Most Rev John Sentamu, helped lead tributes from peers to the Queen as the House of Lords sent its “warmest congratulations” to the monarch on her 90th birthday

He said: “Let this be a day of thanksgiving and much rejoicing for Her Majesty’s birthday.”

Archbishop John Sentamu

Archbishop John Sentamu

Thrusting his arm into the air, the Archbishop added: “Long live the Queen.”

The Lords’ leader Baroness Stowell of Beeston, who said Her Majesty had “served as a remarkable point of continuity” for the British people throughout her reign.

Labour leader in the Lords Baroness Smith of Basildon said politicians “would give their right arm for her approval ratings”.

Representing independent crossbenchers, Lord Hope of Craighead offered their congratulations and “profound thanks” to the Queen.

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Moving the humble address to the Queen in the Lords, Lady Stowell said: “Throughout her whole life she has helped our nation feel at ease with itself and served as a remarkable point of continuity for all of her people.

“The fact that she remains as relevant today is testament to her enduring values, decency, honesty, humility and honour.

“What is truly remarkable about her majesty’s commitment is that she continues to serve with a zest and undimmed sense of public duty.

“Uniquely amongst those who give public service, her commitment is beyond question.”

Lady Smith said: “Many politicians would give their right arm for her approval ratings, and she has perceptively, skilfully and without fanfare guided the monarchy into the 21st century.”