Are you too busy for a cuppa at the office?

A cup of tea as the traditional office tea round is becoming extinct
A cup of tea as the traditional office tea round is becoming extinct
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It is a British office institution, and one that was once so important that it required a member of staff to be employed full time to facilitate it.

However the traditional office tea round is becoming extinct, with workers saying they are quite simply too busy to make colleagues a drink.

Research found that a third would rather just make themselves a drink and get back to work and many of those 
polled by older people’s charity Royal Voluntary Service admitted they made excuses for not making a round of drinks, such as waiting until colleagues left the office, or deliberately making a poor brew so they were not asked again.

Two out of five workers said their boss never made them a cup of tea or coffee, even though on average they have five hot drinks every day.

The charity called on companies to help save the tea round as part of its annual Great Brew Break fundraising event.

Actress Felicity Kendal, a Royal Voluntary Service ambassador, said: “Time out for a cup of tea and quick chat is hugely important, especially in today’s ‘head down’ fast-paced culture. It might be the time someone opens up about something that’s been bothering them or maybe you’ll get to hear about that great job that’s coming up.

“We all need to take a break to keep our minds focused and 
it’s so important that we maintain a connection with our colleagues.”

Chief executive David McCullough said: “We are all busy, but taking that small amount of time to talk and share a cup of tea is beneficial to everyone’s day.”