The areas of Yorkshire which are most and least likely to get snow this winter

Snow could be bllizzarding into Yorkshire again this winter - but where are the areas most likely to experience flurries of the white stuff?

Snow could be on its way in Yorkshire again

Grahame Madge from the Met Office spoke to us about the areas which attract the most snow thanks to their topographical and meteorological attributes - these areas would be the most and least likely to get snow if forecasts of snow proved true.

Areas such as Harrogate are almost always affected by cold-weather fronts. This is due to its geographical location as it is more upland than West and South Yorkshire, which makes it more likely to receive a greater amount of snow.

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Skipton's location is similar to Harrogate - this photo was taken during a snowstorm in recent years.
Coastal sites are also more prone to these snow showers due to the moisture from the sea, which makes seaside resorts such as Whitby more likely to receive snow.
The same is true of Bridlington as it is for Whitby - snow on the Yorkshire coast is more likely than not during snowy snaps.
Knaresbrough had lots of snow in 2017 and its location in North Yorkshire is similar, meteorologically speaking, to Harrogate
Again, these coastal areas are more likely to see snow, according to the Met Office.
It's not that it's unlikely, it's just that more central areas of Yorkshire which are less high up in terms of elevation are less likely to see snow than others. It could well happen, but the storm has to be intense.
The same is true of West Yorkshire areas like Bradford and Bingley. As you can see from these images, snow DOES happen here. It's just less likely.
Sheffield has a hilly topography and a mix of high up and low down areas. It's likely to get snow on high ground and on its outskirts, but the city centre doesn't often see a heavy fall.