Arrest: Killer told police in swoop on flat: I'm Osama Bin Laden

TRIPLE killer Stephen Griffiths told police officers "I'm Osama Bin Laden" when they burst into his flat to arrest him.

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He was taken to Halifax police station to be interviewed after the first details of his horrific crimes began to emerge.

When cautioned and told he was being arrested for the suspected murder of Suzanne Blamires he replied: "This is the end of the line for me."

The psychology graduate went on to confess "I've killed a lot more than Suzanne Blamires, I have killed loads."

"Peter Sutcliffe came a cropper in Sheffield, so did I but at least I got out of the city," he added.

He spoke of leaving a poisonous substance in a shop and using the name Ven Pariah as his alter ego.

Robert Smith QC prosecuting told Leeds Crown Court yesterday Griffiths was questioned about Ms Blamires even though he did not have a solicitor because officers were anxious to find out if she was still alive having been captured firing a crossbow at her on CCTV.

Griffiths told them if she was the one known as "Amber" which she was, she was "Gone."

He said he had eaten some of her and that she was the third prostitute he had "cannibalised" adding: "That's part of the magic."

He said all the remains had gone and told officers that she was beyond medical help as he knew how to get rid of the body.

Griffiths also said he was "only going to talk about five Bradford cases."

Referring to Suzanne Blamires he said: "I knew I was giving myself up on that one."

He told police he had eaten the thighs of his first victim Susan Rushworth before disposing of her body.

When later interviewed with a solicitor present he accepted his confession to the murder of Ms Blamires and the comments about Peter Sutcliffe and eating the thighs of his first victim.

He said he had told the doctor who examined him at the police station that cuts on his hands were as a result of "slicing and dicing" from cutting up his latest body.

He described his flat as looking like a slaughterhouse when he used the bath for cutting up his victims, sometimes using power tools.

Griffiths told police while studying for his post graduate thesis on homicides in Bradford in the 19th century he "seemed to cut himself off from society" causing him to lose his friends one after the other.

He said there was a "civil war" going on inside him between Stephen Griffiths and Ven Pariah. "Sometimes you kill someone to kill yourself."