Art and music intertwine as Lowry hangs out with Warhol

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The relationship between art and music will be explored and celebrated in a new exhibition opening at York Art Gallery tomorrow.

Music and Art will showcase more than 40 works from the gallery’s collection, bringing together artists such as LS Lowry, Walter Sickert and Andy Warhol.

The assistant curator of fine art, Jennifer Alexander, said: “Art and music have always had an intertwined relationship, which has meant that both are influenced by each other. In this exhibition we will look at works of art which depict or have been influenced by music both directly and indirectly.

“By pointing out the less obvious links we hope visitors will find new ways to interpret the pieces not only on display but also when viewing art generally.”

The exhibition, featuring oils, prints and ceramics, will also look at ideas of class, society and education and how that is shown in art through music.

Works on display range from Juriaan van Streek’s 17th century painting Vanitas, which portrays his perception of music as a vain pastime, to more modern works such as Bridget Riley’s Cloudy Blue Greens with Pink and Emerald Thrusts, which celebrates the freedom of musical expression. The influence of art on music album covers will also be explored.

The exhibition, which runs until December 31, will also feature two contemporary loans, including Jayne Parker’s film Foxfire Eins, plus a series of events and talks.