Art Diary: Will Marriott

Ever been stuck with a shot-clog? Are you sick and tired of a headless nail? Is it really so bad to be crambazzled?

No, we've not lost our minds. These are just some of the brilliant new words we learnt this week thanks to a new book from the wonderfully monikered Adam Jacot de Boinod.

The Wonder of Whiffling, published this week, is a book about the English vocabulary and published by Penguin. The author says: "It encompasses all that raises an eyebrow from Anglo-Saxon to Trailer Park Slang – from the origin of English right up to the contemporary, from words formalised in the Oxford English dictionary to slang and jargon, from the dialects within the British Isles to English spoken abroad."

And it includes the words: shot-clog (1599) an unwelcome drinking companion, tolerated because he pays for the drinks, headless nail (office jargon) a worker who, once employed, however unsuitable he proved, was impossible to remove, and "Crambazzled: a Yorkshire word meaning prematurely aged through drink and a dissolute life."

Rappers. You know the sort. Big chains, baseball caps, big cars, rapping about shooting, drinking and women. Well, not in Richmond.

Rappers, it seems, are a little different in the quaint North Yorkshire town.

Daphne Clarke, a grandmother in her seventies (we wouldn't be so rude as to tell you a lady's age) is the town's latest rap star.

Daphne performed a piece of her poetry at the Georgian Theatre's talent show. Although she came second in the competition, she did walk away with a new nickname. She is now known in Richmond as The Rap Granny.

The local celeb will be presenting the monthly poetry night in the bar of the theatre on Monday, December 7.

They have performed at leading theatres across the world – but now a new musical experience awaits opera singers from Leeds as they prepare for a starring role on an altogether different stage.

Four professional soloists appearing by kind permission of Opera North will join children from Roundhay Music School for the inaugural Christmas charity concert in The Atrium at the Bexley Wing, St James's Hospital in Leeds.

The show goes on after Leeds-based piano dealers Besbrode answered a SOS from the Yorkshire Cancer Centre.

Owner Melvin Besbrode offered to loan a Steinway concert grand piano– used by the likes of the BBC and the Halle Orchestra – which will be installed into position in The Atrium the day before the concert, which takes place at 7pm on Sunday, December 6.

Patients who are being treated at the specialist centre have been invited to join the audience for the event, which is being held to raise money for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal. Tickets are available from the fundraising department at the Yorkshire Cancer Centre on 0113 206 8620.

You know when you come out of the pub and are met by a two-and-a-half metre tall alien?

No? Oh, just the regulars at MacMillans pub in Wheatley, Halifax, then.

Sculptor Andy Shaw was recently commissioned to create a piece for the owners of the pub – and he thought: "What better to greet drinkers when they arrive and leave the drinking house, than an eight-foot Predator?"

That's the Predator alien made famous by the Schwarzenegger movie. Which now stands guard outside the pub. Brilliant.

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