Asbos bid after women terrorise residents in sheltered housing

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A council is applying for Asbos against two “despicable” women who terrorised residents in a sheltered housing complex.

Aisha Delaney, 55 and her niece Victoria Carroll, 27, who have more than 100 convictions between them, made life hell for residents in the complex in west Hull.

People were too scared to go out, with the pair and their hangers-on taking over communal living areas and leaving syringes and condoms in the bathrooms.

They now face Asbos banning them from Thornton Court after their latest court appearance.

Carroll frogmarched an elderly resident to a city centre bank and forced him to withdraw £1,000, stealing most of the cash.

Delaney, who had only recently been spared jail for burgling the same man and whose husband lives in the building, then marched into the flat and took the remaining cash from his jacket pocket.

A relative said: “When Delaney is in the building with her friends and extended family, residents have to stay in their bedsits under lock and key because they are terrified to go out.”

Det Con Stacey Ombler said they hoped the Asbo, sought by Hull Council, will stop the pair from going within 100m of the complex. She said: “They are in and out literally at all hours of the day and night, bringing all their associates with them and normally under the effects of drugs and alcohol.

“It has made people ill and even more stressed and vulnerable than they already were. They are despicable and desperate creatures.”

Carroll, of Pease Street, Hull, is starting a jail sentence of two years and three months after pleading guilty at Hull Crown Court to four counts of fraud and two of theft.

Delaney was sentenced to six months jail for theft, but was released immediately because of the amount of time spent in prison on remand.