Asda aims to help suppliers save £50m by 2020

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​Asda ​is to extend its ​​sustainability scheme Sustain & Save Exchange​ in a bid to help food and drink suppliers save and invest £50m across their supply chains by 2020.

​The Leeds-based grocer​ launched the Sustain & Save Exchange in 2012, ​saying it wanted to build a world​ ​class supplier base which sets the bar for sustainability.

The programme provides suppliers with a free online tool which gives them access to information and ideas, and allows them to share best practice to increase their efficiency.

Suppliers are also invited to join a range of workshops and site visits to evaluate technologies and approaches used by all types of food operations.

​Asda said that m​ore than 1,200 members from ​its fresh, chilled and frozen suppliers have improved operational efficiency using the Sustain & Save Exchange, collectively saving and investing more than £21​m.

​The firm said the success of the programme has prompted ​it to open up the initiative to all of its food and drink suppliers.

​S​uppliers have also reduced their environmental impact. More than 35,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been removed from the supply chain – equivalent to the CO2 emissions of around 8,000 households. ​Over half​ ​of the forum’s members have made savings on energy, while one in ten have cut back on waste.

Andrew Moore, ​c​hief ​m​erchandising ​o​fficer at Asda, said: “The success of the Sustain & Save Exchange has been far beyond our expectations with our suppliers already making some impressive savings and improvements to their businesses. We have created a valuable and credible resource for our suppliers.”