Asda cashes in Kim Kardashian champagne photo

Just days after reality TV star attempted to ‘break the internet’ by balancing a champagne glass on her bottom, Asda have attempted a similar stunt in order to sell their budget Christmas bubbly.

Asda's £10 champagne advert

The striking image of Kardashian firing champers over her head into the glass made headlines across the globe and provoked a firestorm of debate.

Now the Leeds-based supermarket is lampooning the image to launch of its Pierre Darcys Champagne for a cheeky £10.

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With 40 days to go until Christmas, the supermarket hopes the advert will see the public get behind the offer.

Kim Kardashian

A spokeswoman said the store was expecting to sell more than a million bottles this year.

Asda’s champagne buyer Ben Mistry said: “There’s no bum deals on wine at our stores this Christmas so don’t miss out and end up the butt of the joke at your Christmas party.”