Astonishing video: Drunk woman falls underneath train

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POLICE today released astonishing CCTV footage of an apparently drunk woman falling under a train at Barnsley Station, to highlight the dangers of drinking at Christmas.

The video shows the woman stepping off a train, stumbling backwards and falling between the train and platform.

A woman falls under a train at Barnsley Station

A woman falls under a train at Barnsley Station

Officers are hoping the footage will increase people’s awareness of taking care of themselves over the party season.

The incident happened earlier this year. The woman was recovered from the track and taken to hospital with cuts and bruises. Trains were delayed for 20 minutes.

Inspector Graham Bridges, of British Transport Police, said: “This woman was lucky to only end up with a few minor injuries and, had it not been for the alertness of other passengers who helped her, we could have been dealing with potentially serious injuries.

“Over the Christmas and New Year period, we will have an increase of high-profile patrols by officers at stations to reassure rail staff and passengers and make them feel safe.”

Insp Bridges said officers would not hesitate to take action against anyone acting in a criminal or anti-social manner.

“While we want everyone to enjoy themselves, we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour or any form of aggression towards the rail staff who work hard to keep the services running.

“It would also be remiss not to remind people that the cold weather brings its own challenges and you should ensure you are prepared for the conditions and dress appropriately.

“There is no doubt that alcohol is a major contributory factor to other types of crime, particularly violence. Drink can also make you a target. If you have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol your awareness is diminished, as is your ability to properly gauge a situation.

“Sadly there are those who will take advantage of people in this state and will not think twice about using someone else’s drunkenness to their benefit.”