Asylum seeker forced girlfriend to watch as he murdered her sister and friend

Samantha Sykes (left) and Kimberley Frank were discovered stabbed at a flat in Wakefield. Below: Ahmad Otak.
Samantha Sykes (left) and Kimberley Frank were discovered stabbed at a flat in Wakefield. Below: Ahmad Otak.
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A SADISTIC asylum seeker who forced his former girlfriend to witness him stabbing her sister and her friend to death after she refused to take him back has been jailed for life.

Afghan national Ahmed Otak laughed and spat on 17-year-old Kimberley Frank’s body after stabbing her 15 times at her home while her sister Elisa watched helplessly.

Ahmad Otak

Ahmad Otak

He then tied his ex partner up with electrical flex and lured her friend Samantha Sykes, 18, to Kimberley’s flat in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Otak, 21, plunged the knife into Miss Sykes around 30 times before slitting her throat.

He took her car, abducted Elisa, 19, and drove to Dover in a failed bid to flee to France hidden in a lorry.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of murder at a previous hearing at Leeds Crown Court.

A judge at Leeds Crown Court ordered Otak to serve a minimum of 34 years in jail and described him as an “inadequate, controlling man” who “out of childish jealousy and vicious spite murdered two women in cold blood”.

Otak met Elisa in care after being allowed to stay in Britain. His asylum bid was rejected but he was granted humanitarian protection.

Now believed to be at least 22 years old, he lied about his age, claiming he was 16 to get preferred treatment by social services, the court heard.

The two had a turbulent relationship and when Elisa refused to marry him, he “told her that he would go crazy and would kill people”, prosecution barrister Richard Mansell QC said.

He said Otak became increasingly possessive, threatening to kill Elisa, her family and friends, sew her lips together, throw acid over her face and burn her mother’s house if she left him.

Concerned about her friend’s safety, Miss Sykes reported Otak to the UK Border Agency and police, claiming he was an illegal immigrant. But no action was taken.

In March, Elisa broke off her relationship and asked Otak to bring her kitten, Noah, to Kimberley’s home.

Otak bought a carving knife and went to the flat, where Kimberley greeted them.

The victims’ families wept as Mr Mansell told the court: “As soon as Otak entered Kimberley Frank’s flat, he asked Elisa again whether she was sure that she would not get back with him.

“She said definitely not.

“All three walked into the hallway, at which point Otak suddenly attacked Kimberley Frank with the previously-purchased kitchen knife.

“He stabbed and slashed her repeatedly with the knife in a frenzied attack. Elisa tried to help her sister but was powerless to resist.”

He said Kimberley suffered fatal wounds to her lung, heart, spleen, liver and kidney and a massive stab wound to her neck which severed her jugular.

“After the killing, Otak ordered Elisa Frank to sit down and not to move or scream. He said that Elisa had made him do it and that if she had gone back to him, it would not have happened.

“At one point he stood over Kimberley Frank’s body, laughed, licked blood from the knife and spat at her body.”

Otak made Elisa text Miss Sykes to lure her to the flat and tied up Elisa with electrical cord.

When she entered the flat, he stabbed and slashed her 32 times, then dragged her body into the living room, the court was told.

She was stabbed in the heart, liver, lung and spleen and the knife was plunged into her body so viciously that one of her ribs was broken.

Following the killings, Otak took Miss Sykes’s car, abducted Elisa and fled to Dover, intending to flee to France in the back of a lorry.

They met an illegal immigrant, Bahram Bahrami, at the port and hid with him in the back of a wagon.

But as Otak’s back was turned, Elisa told Mr Bahrami she was being held at knifepoint.

He wrestled the knife from Otak, fled to nearby houses with Elisa and the police were called.

Otak was arrested and told police Elisa made him kill her sister and her friend. He eventually admitted murder at Leeds Crown Court last month.

Judge Justice Coulson told Otak he “behaved like an animal” and with a degree of sadism.

He said he was a “practised liar” who repaid the generosity the UK had shown to him by callously murdering two teenage girls with a “significant degree of premeditation”.

“You were granted a period of humanitarian protection, until November 5 2013.

“It now seems that that was the direct consequence of the lies you told about your age.

“You were wholly undeserving of such protection - you repaid the generosity of the authorities and taxpayers of this country by murdering two of its citizens in a carefully-planned and entirely cold-blooded way.

“You claimed humanitarian protection but you showed yourself incapable of behaving like a human being.”

Telling Otak he must serve at least 34 years of his life sentence for his “horrific” crimes, he added: “You will not even be considered for release until the year 2046.”