Attacks on Ukip without foundation

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From: Alan Schofield, Netherthong, Holmfirth.

IN response to Don Burslam’s letter (The Yorkshire Post, June 17) and his assumption that “Ukip’s hunger for publicity will be its undoing”, he assaults correspondents by accusing them of ranting.

By the tone of your letter, Mr Burslam, it is itself nothing more than a rant; feeling bitter after Ukip put the other parties in their place after the European elections.

Who are the ill-informed detractors you refer to in your letter?

How can Ukip have failed when it comes to governing when they haven’t governed?

Your accusation of Ukip’s absenteeism in the European Parliament is 100 per cent incorrect; their MPs have the best record compared to the Conservatives, Labour and the also-rans the Lib Dems.

Yes, Mr Burslam, we lack experience in municipal affairs as, being a new party, we have few councillors, but if you care to attend the next meeting of Ukip, Huddersfield and Colne Valley you will see local issues being developed and a rise in membership from half a dozen to more than 30.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but come the 2015 election, the other parties are in for a real hiding.

From: Les Arnott, Athelstan Road, Sheffield.

I SIMPLY cannot get over the fact that europhiles are once again misleading the public, in a very similar fashion to the methods employed for the referendum of 1975, regarding continued membership of the then Common Market.

It is being purveyed as a fact that we are able to “renegotiate” our terms of membership. Let me put it very simply – this cannot be done; it is a deception; it is a political ploy.

The Treaty of Rome established “the ratchet principle” acquis commaunitaire. Consequently, actual powers may never be repatriated.

The EU is an imperialistic organisation, as anyone who has done any serious research is able to testify. Any careful study of the writings of the slippery Jean Monnet – rather than mere excerpts or interpretations – will rapidly reveal the truth of what I write.

Powers cannot be regained just because the Conservatives – indeed the whole of the LibLabCon – make this brazen claim. The truly shocking thing is that I am beginning to hear people of no great political depth parrot these ideas as truth. Was it not Hitler who said ‘If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, eventually it will be believed’?

From: Dick Appleyard, Saxilby, Near Lincoln.

so, David Cameron has promised us that he will give us an in/out referendum on the EU in 2017, if he wins the general election next year. I will believe that when it happens.

If he wins next year’s general election, he might renege on that. Mr Cameron is only looking for tactical ways to get people to vote for him to stay as our PM.

From: David W Wright, Uppleby, Easingwold.

WHAT further proof is needed to show that the UK is fast becoming a Third World country mainly due to our continued membership of the EU, aided and abetted by our weak-kneed, liberal politicians?

Our politicians, with a few notable exceptions, appear 
to be oblivious to the ongoing decline of our educational system, falling standards and the adherence to political correctness, human rights 
and over-regulation by both Brussels and our own government.

Meanwhile we witness the likes of the discredited former PM Tony Blair who is now pontificating over the Iraq/Iran crisis and the UK’s further involvement and the proposal to send aid when we cannot even sort out our own internal problems.

Meanwhile the NHS needs more funding, our minor roads are a disgrace and yet the Government wants to build more houses, presumably to house the ever growing numbers of immigrants.

Why do these immigrants want to come to the UK in spite of our obvious internal problems?

Perhaps they have heard that we are a soft touch and they are protected by the human rights laws and abused legal system plus the inadequacy of our sentencing system. What a mess we are in.

From: Ian Oglesby, Stamford Bridge, York.

GRIMLY determined europhiles in the Conservative Party hierarchy are quite prepared to allow Labour to gain a comfortable electoral majority.

Mr Cameron’s 2017 referendum “promise” is redolent of the deceit and 
stealth from the time of Sir Edward Heath, necessitating 
the removal of the eurosceptic Mrs Thatcher.

The Prime Minister tries to hide from the plain, repeated statements of Angela Merkel and leaders in Brussels that the basics of the EU are non-negotiable.

This is as unstatesmanlike 
as throwing personal insults at Mr Farage.

Postponing the inevitable referendum by means of fabrication and waffle is costing us dear as the “open borders” keystone of the EU causes mayhem here.

Ukip’s clarity and honesty ensures that it continues to develop as a major political 
force, opposing those pachyderms who have the appalling cheek to deny the British people an honest, straightforward vote on the 
EU’s plan to eliminate the 
Nation State.