Auctioneers find 26 inch waist men's jeans from the 1970s as stock from Hull firm goes under hammer

Auctioneers discovered shocking evidence of how quickly the nation's waistlines have expanded as they rummaged through stock following the closure of a Hull clothing store.

Auctioneer Paul Cooper holding up the tiny jeans

It came as a team was sent in to clear Hull’s oldest family-run clothing store Premier Work and Leisurewear on Hessle Road.

The shutters went down for the last time at the Grade II listed premises that the firm had occupied for the past century in July after its owners decided to finally call it a day.

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The discovery of a men’s jeans from the 1970s - some with waists of as little as 26 inches - caused a chuckle.

The Wrangler flares will go on sale as part of an Eddisons CJM sale in Scunthorpe on Monday.

Director Paul Cooper said the incredibly small waistlines "amazed everyone," adding: "Depending which set of figures you believe, the average man’s waist size today is something of the order of 37-39 inches.

"Even the average 13 year old boy has a waist size of 27½ inches.

“Mind you back in the early 70s the average male waistline was around 34 inches, so the chaps with 26 inch waists were slim even by the standards of the time.

"We’re not expecting to be overwhelmed by 26-inch-waisted-bidders but fortunately the boxes do include some more generously proportioned pairs . . . and vintage is in at the moment . . . so we may find a new home for them.”

Lots also include hundreds of pairs of boots, sportswear and army surplus.

The full catalogue is available at