Audit criticises care of diabetes patients by NHS staff

Almost four out of 10 diabetic hospital patients are the victim of medication errors by NHS staff, with “significant” issues around some aspects of care, according to an audit.

It found “cause for concern” about the care of inpatients with diabetes in most hospitals and medication errors “are worryingly common”.

The England-wide report for NHS Diabetes found 37 per cent of diabetic inpatients are subject to medication errors by doctors and nurses, including being given the wrong dose of drugs or at the wrong time.

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More than one in four (26 per cent) medical charts contained errors about prescriptions and a fifth contained one or more errors on how medicines were being managed in hospital.

The errors related to drugs including insulin as well as tablets to keep blood sugar under control.

The report pointed to “significant issues” concerning the use of insulin drips in hospitals.