Avoid Eurozone for cheapest beach holidays - report

Holidaymakers seeking the cheapest beach holidays this summer should avoid the Eurozone, according to new research.


The pound stretches furthest in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, analysis of 18 popular European destinations by Post Office Travel Money revealed.

The cost of a basket of tourist staples such as meals, drinks, sun cream and insect repellent in the Black Sea resort was found to be less than half the price of that in two-thirds of the locations surveyed.

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Two people can have an evening meal with wine in Sunny Beach for around £26, and lunch for under £9.

Mediterranean resort town Marmaris took the runner-up spot in the study due to the plummeting Turkish lira, down 25% year-on-year compared with sterling.

Tourists are getting 20% more for their money than a year ago, as the favourable currency rate is combined with low local prices as Turkey seeks to attract tourists after attacks and civil unrest.

The most expensive beach destination was found to be Sorrento, Italy, where evening meals typically cost around £64, with lunch setting visitors back £32.

Andrew Brown, of Post Office Travel Money, said: “The cost of eating out is always a big consideration for holidaymakers and we found that meal costs in Sunny Beach and Marmaris are significantly lower than in any of the Eurozone resorts surveyed.

“On a week’s holiday, the cost of lunch and dinner ranges from £243 in Sunny Beach and £287 in Marmaris to well over twice as much in Sorrento.

“That’s why it will pay to do your homework before booking to find a resort that fits your budget.”

* This is the cost of a basket of tourist staples at 18 popular European beach destinations:

1. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria (£43)

2. Marmaris, Turkey (£57)

3. Algarve, Portugal (£68)

4. Costa del Sol, Spain (£72)

5. Crete, Greece (£81)

6. Costa Blanca, Spain (£84)

7. Paphos, Cyprus (£88)

8. Corfu, Greece (£91)

9. Zadar, Croatia (£98)

10. Sliema, Malta (£99)

11. Halkidiki, Greece (£100)

12. Lisbon coast, Portugal (£101)

13. Porec, Croatia (£106)

14. Majorca, Spain (£108)

15. Nice, France (£114)

16. Limassol, Cyprus (£117)

17. Ibiza, Spain (£118)

18. Sorrento, Italy (£123)