Award in Diana’s memory celebrates our young people

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From: Tessy Ojo, Chief Executive, The Diana Award, Moorgate, London.

GRACE, from Dewsbury, wasn’t born when Princess Diana died 17 years ago but she carries her award with pride and admiration for the woman whose memory it was set up in.

At just 11 years old, Grace’s life was dealt a severe blow when her father tragically died but since then she has channelled her grief into helping others; from serving food to the homeless to raising funds for Yorkshire Air Ambulance who tried to save her father’s life.

This week The Diana Award is launching its “Celebrate Young Heroes” Campaign which is looking for young people, like Grace, from across Yorkshire and the Humber who have had a monumental impact on the lives of others. We want to shine a spotlight on these young people. Successful nominations will be invited to a star-studded Award Ceremony at Leeds United Football Club towards the end of this year.

The Diana Award, which has the Prime Minister, David Cameron, as Patron, was set up as a lasting legacy to Princess Diana’s belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better. These young people come from all walks of life and many have challenging and disadvantaged backgrounds, however they share a deep sense of social responsibility.

Our year-on-year evaluation shows that when young people are involved in social action they develop essential social skills that are not taught at school and skills that are essential in later life, such as; communication, team work, empathy and service. This is why we are passionate about encouraging young people to get involved in volunteering.

By highlighting the contribution these young people make to society, we hope to empower more young people into social action.

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

WHAT a coup for Gary Verity and Welcome to Yorkshire to get the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry to come to Yorkshire for the Grand Départ. The Queen must be really proud of these young people who have substantially increased the popularity of our Royal family.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

AT least the Royal family understand the importance of the Grand Départ. I suppose those political leaders who backed Edinburgh’s bid will now be after free tickets.