Babies found playing with gadgets

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Children as young as six months are playing with gadgets and young people are using their parents’ mobile phones without their knowledge, research suggested yesterday.

It showed that nearly a fifth of parents (19 per cent) said their children had sent a text message or made calls from their mobile phone without them knowing at the time.

The survey, carried out by Legal and General, also found that one in ten children had downloaded apps onto a parent’s smart phone without their knowledge.

Nearly two-thirds (60 per cent) of children between six months and two years play with gadgets such as tablet computers and laptops, and one in 10 children aged six months do so too.

The research found that 36 per cent of fathers were comfortable with letting children under four play with gadgets, but only 23 per cent of mothers felt that way.

Mike Lawler, from Legal and General, said: “I find it amazing how quickly children know how to use technology gadgets.

“But inquisitive fingers can soon become expensive fingers if the gadget they play with should break.

“We are increasingly bringing new and often expensive pieces of technology into our homes, which if left within reach, can be very tempting for a child to then play with.”