Back end of pantomime horse left behind in hotel room

A ROAD safety lollipop stick and the back end of a pantomime horse are among a number of unusual items left by guests staying at hotels in Yorkshire.

Other odd items that were forgotten by their owners in the region include artificial limbs, false teeth and zimmer frames.

The Travelodge hotel chain has published details of objects left in hotel rooms across the country. They include a three seat antique rocking horse, keys to a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a life-size electric Dalek.

A groom was even left behind in one hotel, after he was tied up by his friends as a joke on the eve of his wedding and forgotten about. The wedding was even delayed for a couple of hours until he was found.

Jon Hendry-Pickup, Travelodge Operations Director said: "Each year our lost and found departments provide plenty of revelations.

"From keys to a Rolls-Royce to a life size Dalek, our customers' left behinds demonstrate what a broad cross-section of people stay in our 460 hotels.

"The 2010 left behind inventory report also demonstrated that we are truly living in a digital world as we have seen a huge rise in Apple and Android devices and accessories being left behind in our hotels.

"The most popular items being left behind are iPhones, iTouches, android phones and e-readers."

From the start of this month, items that have been left and not claimed within three months will be donated to Cancer Research UK charity shops.