Back in time to 1645 in Scarborough, thanks to the Sealed Knot re-enactment society

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MEMBERS OF the re-enactment society, The Sealed Knot, staged a historic camp at Scarborough at the weekend.

They re-enacted the 1645 Great Siege of Scarborough Castle during the English Civil War. The Sealed Knot is the oldest re-enactment society in the UK, and the single biggest re-enactment society in Europe. The Great Siege of Scarborough Castle was a major conflict for control of one of England’s most important stone fortresses during the English Civil War from 1642–1651, fought between the Roundheads or Parliamentarians, and the Royalists loyal to King Charles I.

In February 1645, Parliamentarians laid siege to the castle. For five months, they bombarded it, destroying most of the keep, and engaged in bloody fighting before the defenders finally surrendered.

The re-enactment society staged the roar of cannon, volleys of musket fire, the Call of the Drums and shouts of the Officers.

There were Two full days of entertainment too include an ‘authentic’ camp where there will be members of the Sealed Knot demonstrating both military and civilian life as well as three ‘attacks’ on the castle.