Back to future as museums embrace digital

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MUSEUMS across the UK are embracing the future rather than the past by going digital – and are even encouraging selfies.

More than 300 museums, galleries and cultural institutions nationwide are coming together on Twitter for the first ever #MuseumWeek.

The initiative aims to bring museums to life for people, giving them a “unique glimpse behind the scenes”.

Organisations taking part range from the Tate, to lesser-known, smaller or more specialist collections, such as Kidderminster’s Museum of Carpet.

Every day each museum will tweet a hashtag.

Monday’s theme will give an insider perspective to a typical day at the museum (#DayInTheLife), and on Tuesday museums will ask questions, propose riddles and create quizzes to test people’s knowledge (#MuseumMastermind).

On Wednesday people will be asked to take a trip down memory lane and share their story, from favourite museums to memorable visits (#MuseumMemories).

Thursday will offer an alternative insight into the structure, architecture and history of museums (#BehindTheArt).

On Friday there will be a unique opportunity for culture lovers to connect directly with the experts, and get their questions answered (#AskTheCurator).

Saturday is selfie day when museums will encourage people to create their own museum portrait (#MuseumSelfies).

And finally on Sunday people will be asked to tweet new titles for historic artwork, to summarise collections in 140 characters or provide a tour of a collection in a Vine video (#GetCreative).