Bad day for good manners

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From: Janet E Rowntree, Escrick, York.

HOW totally irresponsible of Tesco it was to copy the American idea of having a ‘Black Friday’ cheap shopping day on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. And since when have we celebrated Thanksgiving?

No responsible person or firm would want people to fight to get to goods or to be punched or otherwise injured. To any firm willing to conduct a ‘Black Friday’, I would say: for goodness sake, stop being so greedy and care for your customers.

Such ill-mannered behaviour should not be encouraged anywhere in the world. Whatever has happened to good manners, good service and genuine caring?

And where is that British 
reserve which stopped us, for 
the most part, from being 
hot-headed and rushing headlong into undesirable situations?

Wrong target

From: M D Hellawell, Cross Lane, Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

EXCUSE me, Jean Winn (Yorkshire Post, November 30), I think you are very rude and have a nerve criticising Sue Woodcock and her dogs when you have never met her.

She is, moreover, quite right to criticise dog owners and trespassers who do not respect the Country Code. These individuals only have thoughts for themselves, and never consider others, nor the harm they do to farmers. We could do with a lot more Sue Woodcocks. The first thing I read on Saturday morning is Sue’s column in the Yorkshire Post Country Week. Long may she continue to write.

Shut the gate

From: J Binks, Woodlands, East Ardsley, West Yorkshire.

THERE isn’t a farmer in the land who would employ David Cameron. Why? He doesn’t know how and when to close a gate, hence he will soon sing the hymn “We plough the fields and scatter the immigrants on the land”. It’s time to get real – not self-destruct.