Bad manners to make people wait for treatment

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From: Peter Langtry-Langton, Bark Lane, Addingham, Ilkley.

I WOULD like to thank Jayne Dowle for her article about her experience in the Accident and Emergency Department (Yorkshire Post, January 30).

Thank God someone has at last summoned the guts to speak out on the inhumane treatment meted out to those poor unfortunates who have gotten themselves landed up in one of those outposts of our caring health service. Almost everyone I know has had parallel experience.

There is no excuse for it.

It is quite simply boorish bad manners to make people wait for such lengths of time.

The reason for it is nothing more or less than lazy and incompetent organisation.

It will remain so, as it would, in any outfit where no-one ever gets held personally and financially responsible for failure of any kind.

I have never ceased to wonder at the patient, but cowed resignation of the sick, who have no alternative.

A few may fearlessly, but uselessly, complain. They must choose their words very carefully, for all around them are the printed warning notices, with threats of the police and prosecution, or no treatment at all.

There may be a practical reason behind making contact with the NHS as unpleasant as possible. The fewer the numbers in there, the more comfortable will be the staff.

Perhaps we should all do the decent thing and stop at home and die early.

I am 79 now, and I am still active, in spite of four bungled operations in the NHS. But I live in fear of being again in their unkind hands. I am probably already a “marked man” as I have discharged myself from hospitals twice. Not before, I must add, signing a form absolving the NHS of all responsibility. Jayne Dowle’s articles always ring true and that’s the main reason I buy the Yorkshire Post.