Balding fatigue syndrome sets in

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From: Patricia Schofield, Park Lane, Blaxton, Doncaster.

WHOEVER decided that Clare Balding, presenter of Channel 4 Racing, is a national treasure? In my view she is a nightmare. She has certainly ruined my enjoyment of watching racing on television.

Watching her trying to get an interview with Sheikh Mohammed was sheer embarrassment after the 2,000 Guineas. She rushes about the paddock and barges her way in to groups of people enjoying a chat.

Tom Richmond (Yorkshire Post, May 11) wrote “there are some who think that the nation is going down with Balding fatigue syndrome”. I certainly am.

Medal objection

From: Peter Allison, Chapel Fields, Holme on Spalding Moor, York.

FURTHER to Jack Brown’s letter about miner artist Eric Hill (Yorkshire Post, May 10), I was a conscripted Bevin Boy and worked underground at Yorkshire main colliery until I managed to get out based on health grounds, being called up for the Army two weeks later in May 1945.

I will never wear the medal that I received after it was suggested the first time I wore it that Bevin Boys were conscientious objectors.

Cyprus scene

From: Paul Whiteley, Upper Heaton, Huddersfield.

IN your Saturday magazine (Yorkshire Post, May 11), you ran an article entitled “Sunshine stakes”, with a sub-heading referring to the EU bail-out of the Greek part of the island of Cyprus.

The article referred throughout to the “Greek part of Cyprus” and the caption under the picture used also referred to the “Greek region of Cyprus”.

I was somewhat surprised therefore to note that the picture used was that of Kyrenia harbour ... in the northern Turkish part of the island and one of the prettiest in the world.