Bankers getting away with it

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From: David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York.

The Government plans radically to overhaul the UK banking system, and introduce new tighter controls and split the various sections of banking between retail and investment, but this will not become law and take effect until 2019.

Why such a long wait? This Government is quite happy, and prepared, to alienate vital people and sections of our community, but the people who most contributed to the UK and world financial mess, our bankers, get off virtually scot-free yet again.

Meaning of Christmas

From: Susan Abbott, Melbourne Road, St Johns, Wakefield.

AT last it’s official – David Cameron, the Prime Minister states that we are a Christian country!

I would encourage everyone to go to church this Christmas and find out what Christmas really means (the clue is in the name), and the message of hope that it brings to all who listen.

No such thing as ‘road tax’

From: David Hebb, Marklew Avenue, Grimsby.

REGARDING the article on motoring tax (Yorkshire Post, December 16), may I point out that the oft-referred to “Road Tax” was abolished by the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Winston Churchill, in 1937. Since then, roads have been paid for by general and local taxation.

Private firm of nosy parkers

From: Stephen Davis, Barncliffe Close, Fulwood, Sheffield.

WHEN parking the car and having no coins, the driver can be invited to dial a local number and pay via mobile phone, disclosing debit/credit card information.

Are folk aware that in so doing, the transaction is with an organisation named RingGo (Cobalt)? I expected mine to be with Sheffield City Council!