Bar set for extended hours despite concerns over noise

A CITY centre bar in Sheffield is set to be given permission to open up until 1.30am at weekends and 12.30am during the week despite objections from neighbours.

Alibi, in Trippet Lane, opened up in the former Anglo Works last year using planning permission which was previously granted for student flats and a bar.

As that permission expired in October, owners have now had to apply to Sheffield Council for new consent. Six neighbours have objected to the plans, saying that there has been "increased noise" since Alibi opened in May.

One objector said: "There is already in this area, and indeed even more so on the West Street side, a complete glut of excessively noisy bars all encouraging and facilitating socially disruptive behaviour into the early hours of the morning.

"West Street and Trippet Lane are now regularly filled with vomit, urine and broken glass after this early morning chaos."

Seven individuals, however, have written to Sheffield Council in support of Alibi's application, saying it is "one of the best bars in Sheffield" and claiming there should be little sympathy with residents, who "should know there will be noise at weekends".

City planners at Sheffield Council have recommended that the planning application is granted when it is considered by councillors at a meeting next week, saying that the proposed closing times are "not likely to detract from the amenity of neighbouring residential occupiers."

The planners say: "Considerable weight has been attached to the management of the outdoor seating area and to noise breakout."