Barnsley teenager who broke baby son’s bones is locked up

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AN EXHAUSTED teenage father who manhandled his baby son so badly that the child suffered broken limbs was yesterday locked up for 18 months.

Lewis McGill suffered broken ribs and a fractured elbow, wrist and collar bone when he was just a few weeks old, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Student Liam McGill roughly pulled his son’s arms and legs while he changed his nappy, squeezed his chest and shook the baby in a bid to get him to sleep.

After Lewis’s mother Hannah Parker found out about the injuries the frustrated father broke down and said: “I feel out of it because the baby is getting all the attention.”

McGill, 19, admitted causing cruelty to Lewis from the child’s birth until he was 11 weeks old.

Sending him to a young offenders’ institution, Judge Simon Lawler told him: “It is clear that you became tired and frustrated when you had sole care for baby Lewis at night.

“This little baby suffered a catalogue of fractures at your hands due to your very rough handling of him on at least six occasions.

“Everyone knows you do not treat a baby in this harsh way.”

Prosecutor Alexander Menary said McGill, who was 18 at the time, began a relationship with Lewis’s mother and three months later she unexpectedly fell pregnant.

Lewis was born on November 27, 2010 while the teenage couple were living with grandparents in Doncaster Road, Barnsley.

The baby’s injuries were noticed in February 2011 and doctors estimated they were caused on six to eight separate occasions.

Miss Parker spoke to McGill and he admitted he had picked up the baby “roughly.”

In a police interview he admitted he may have caused the injuries through “rough handling”.

In a victim impact statement, the baby’s mother said she had been forced to leave college and had “missed” the first year of her baby’s life after social services became involved.

Richard Barradell, for McGill, said: “He was desperately trying to get the child to go back to sleep.

“The harder he tried the more the tiredness and frustration welled up in this man, to the point where he snapped.”

The court heard McGill was unlikely to see his son again and he had begun a relationship with another woman. They had a child and social services were involved.

Lewis, who was described as a “robust” child, has since made a full recovery.