Baroness Brady branded out of touch over property price blunder

SHE MIGHT be a baroness, star of The Apprentice and a very wealthy woman but it seems Yorkshire property prices aren’t Karren Brady’s strong points.

The £83m businesswoman plucked the city of Hull out of the air at an awards ­ceremony, saying Labour’s Mansion Tax would 
hit £400,000 homes in the 

She seemed unaware there are only currently three houses there on the market worth more than that, according to property websites.

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And she blundered by declaring the UK-wide tax on properties worth £2 million or more was only a London one.

She was speaking at the ­Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Awards in London. Brady said: “The most scary thing is if it worked in London they would bring it out to the rest of the country, so if a house in Hull is worth £400,000 they would put a tax on that. I think the pressure comes down on people who bought a house a long time ago, but they don’t have the cash to pay the tax and then they have to sell their home to pay it.”

But Hull North Labour MP Diana Johnson hit back at the Tory West Ham United vice-chairman, who recently became Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge. She said: “This out-of-touch Tory peer is welcome to visit Hull to see how many mansions we have.”