Bearded Prince successfully hits Pole position

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Prince Harry and his fellow adventurers have reached the South Pole, organisers of the Walking With The Wounded charity trek have announced.

After more than three weeks pulling sleds across the frozen wastes of Antarctica the group stood at the bottom of the world at midday.

The adventurers include 12 servicemen and women from the UK and other nations who have suffered terrible injuries, including the loss of limbs.

Their trek took them more than 200 miles across the bleak continent to the geographic South Pole.

The Prince, who joined part of the organisation’s trek to the North Pole in 2011, was determined to play a full part in this expedition and was named its patron earlier in the year.

Ed Parker, the expedition’s director and co-founder of the organising charity, said: “We always knew that this wasn’t going to be easy, but that is what makes the challenge so exciting.

“Our aim was to show that, despite injury, young men and women from our armed forces can still achieve great things.

“We came down here, determined to get 12 men and women, all injured in conflict, to the South Pole, and this is what we have done. The feeling is incredible.”

Originally the challenge was a race between three teams – a UK group featuring Harry; Hollywood actor Alexander Skarsgard, star of the hit series True Blood, headed the US team; and English actor Dominic West, from the popular series The Wire, was a member of a Commonwealth group.

But the teams encountered difficult terrain which forced organisers to suspend the competition last weekend and make the expedition a group effort over safety fears, as some competitors were becoming very tired.

Harry, who has grown a ginger beard during his weeks on the ice, welcomed the decision when he recorded a voice blog earlier this week and said morale was high among the men and women taking part in the challenge.