Bed fit for monarch’s dreams after two-year restoration

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IT WAS built to try to win favour with the monarchy and now it has been restored to its former glory.

For the last two years, craftsmen and women have been carefully restoring a 300-year-old old angel bed at Temple Newsam, Leeds.

Visitors to the historic home will be able to see the Queen Anne state bed on display in time for its 300th anniversary.

The curator of exhibitions, Polly Puttnam, said: “It’s called an angel bed because its canopy, which weighs almost a ton, is suspended from the ceiling.”

“The bed is important because there aren’t many of them left,” she added.

It was originally commissioned in 1711 by John, 1st Earl Poulett, for Hinton House in Somerset, when he remodelled a suite of rooms in a bid to win favour with the then monarch, Queen Anne.

He was given high office in the Royal Court as Lord Steward of the Household and he remodelled rooms, which included a state bedroom containing a gold and crimson bed.

In order to please Queen Anne, he named the new suite of rooms after the monarch.

The bed was bought for Temple Newsam in 1981 and was in a poor state.

Restoration work has included replacing its three mattress, one of which was wool, one horsehair and one feather.