Belloc had the right idea

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From: Arthur Quarmby, Holme, Holmfirth.

ONE could have hoped that, after their experience in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan and bearing in mind the precarious state of the economy, our government would have shied well away from any thought of interfering in the internal affairs of Syria.

President Assad may well be a murderous thug, but we should remember Belloc’s couplet “And always keep a hold of nurse, for fear of finding something worse” because if overthrown he would in all probability be succeeded by Islamic extremists supported by Iran.

Vulcan must be kept flying

From: John Halkon, Hermitage Court, Richmond.

THANK you for your two recent articles concerning the cash crisis and the problems faced for the future in keeping the last remaining Vulcan bomber in a flying and serviceable condition.

This aircraft, now based at the Robin Hood Airport, near Doncaster, creates an immense feeling of pride when seen in flight and is evocative of our character as a nation.

At this time of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Falklands 30th anniversary, the efforts of the Vulcan to the Sky Trust to keep this aircraft flying must not be allowed to fail. Donations may be made via or call 0845 5046 558 .

Down there too

From: Mrs Barbara Burton, Thwaites Brow Road, Keighley.

IT is February, a winter month and snow has fallen, not an unusual occurrence in the North.

From the middle of last week, I became increasingly puzzled by the frequency and severity of the weather warnings and the dire consequences.

Then the penny dropped. Not only was there to be snow “up North” but also in the south of England or should that be London and the South East?