Bereaved mother slams Leeds plane spotters who treated cemetery like a 'youth club'

The mother of a child buried in Yeadon Cemetery has hit out at families who played football and urinated on gravestones while watching a military plane land at Leeds Bradford Airport.

Plane spotters on the wall beside Yeadon Cemetery
Plane spotters on the wall beside Yeadon Cemetery

Hundreds of plane spotters gathered in viewing areas around the airport on Sunday to watch the Canadian Air Force C17 aircraft depart in warm weather.

But the parent, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has slammed people who were seen enjoying picnics and allowing their children to ride bikes around the burial ground.

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She accused the families of treating the event like a 'festival' and of behaving disrespectfully towards relatives of those interred in the cemetery.

The Canadian Air Force C17 on the runway

Men were even seen urinating on headstones and children played football near graves.

"My son couldn’t stay with us for long and that kills us all daily. He has a big sister and a big brother who have also had to come to terms with such a terrible loss at such a young age. To find half of Leeds sitting in his final resting place wasn’t taken very well by his family.

"It’s the only real thing we have left. I understand that it’s exciting when certain planes come in to land or take off - but please if you you want to go and see them then just stay out of the cemetery. It was like a mini festival yesterday with kids on bikes, playing football on graves, and people peeing on headstones. You may not think it’s a problem and I’m glad you haven’t suffered such a terrible loss but we have, so please respect us and our beautiful boy.

"There is a viewing point at the other side of the wall and Yeadon Tarn is also a good place to watch planes. Just please, for the sake of families like mine, learn some respect and teach your little people it too. It’s bad enough we have to pick up dog poo from the cemetery on a regular basis. It’s not a youth club, it’s a huge bedroom for our loved ones who couldn’t stay."

Families can be seen inside the burial ground
An ice cream van serves plane spotters